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Welcome to my Web site!

There are more than 150 nutritional articles that may be of interest to you. Please feel free to browse around and come back often. I will continue to add to this wide-ranging spectrum of information on nutritional issues that are important to us all. Also, there is information here regarding my 46 books.

Here I will help you keep abreast of the most recent breakthroughs and research studies concerning natural health and wellness. I will also present the very latest information on my research with antioxidant nutrients. Much of my research since 1959 has centered on antioxidant synergism for which my colleague, Dave Olson, and I were granted a patent in 2000. (US 6,090,414) This composition patent also covers specific combinations of antioxidants, including the combination of selenium with vitamin C, plus the use of selenium for the prevention and treatment of cancer. Additionally, you can follow my research on selenium and cancer prevention via this link to the Selenium Nutritional Research Center. There is also information on Daveís and my recently issued patent covering the most effective anticancer selenium compounds. (EP 0 750 911 B1)

In our modern world it is difficult to know what kind of nutritional ingredients we are getting in our normal daily diets. The mass production of foodstuffs around the world, packaged with preservatives and processed for safety, has left many food products lacking in essential nutritional value. Each of us needs to understand more clearly how to supplement our diets to live a long and healthy life.

This site will provide a plethora of information, geared for both scientists and the general public. Welcome again, and please do come back for another visit.

SENPA 2008 Presidentís Award


2004 Zenger Award



Whole Foods Magazine

2004 Lind Award

1999 NNFA President's Award

1989 Achievement Award

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