Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D.

Best-Selling Author and Nutritional Research Scientist

Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D. has been a research biochemist since 1959, and has published 46 books and over 500 articles on nutrition. (More than 150 of his articles are included in the “Articles” section.)

Books in Chronological Order

The Missing Wellness Factors - EPA and DHA: The Most Important Nutrients Since Vitamins.
Dyerberg, MD, DMSc., Jørn & Passwater, PhD., Richard
Basic Health Publications, Inc. Laguna Beach, CA. (2012)

Live Better Longer
Passwater, PhD., Richard A.
Basic Health Publications, Inc. Laguna Beach, CA. (2007)

User's Guide to Pycnogenol: Natures Most Versatile Supplement.
Passwater, Ph.D., Richard A.
Basic Health Publications; Laguna Beach, CA (2005)

Soy Smart Health, 2nd Edition
Solomon, Neil, M.D., Ph.D.; Elkins, Rita and Passwater, Ph.D., Richard A.
Woodland Publishing, Orem, Utah (2004)

Pycnogenol for Superior Health (McCleery & Sons 2001)

Soy Smart Health  (co-authored with Dr. Elmer Cranton and Rita Elkins) (Woodland Press, 2000) was selected as the Book of the Year in the health category by ForeWord Magazine and a winner in the Independent Publisher Book Awards in the health category

All About Selenium (Avery 1999)

All About Pycnogenol: (Avery 1998) sold over 200,000 copies

All About Antioxidants: (Avery 1998)

5-HTP: The Natural Serotonin Solution  (Keats 1998)

NADH: The Energizing Coenzyme  (Keats 1998)

Building Muscle Mass, Performance and Health With HMB  (Keats 1997)

The Antioxidants  (Keats 1997)

Shark Liver Oil  (with Dr. Neil Solomon and Dr. Ingemar Joelsson, Kensington 1997)

Selenium Against Cancer and AIDS  (Keats 1996)

Beta-Carotene and Other Carotenoids  (Keats 1996)

Lipoic Acid  (Keats 1995)

Pycnogenol: The Super 'protector' Nutrient  (Keats, 1994) (265,000)

Heart Health  (Alternative Medicine Updates 1994)

The Longevity Factor  (Keats 1993)

The New Superantioxidant - Plus  (Keats 1992) (350,000)

Chromium Picolinate  (Keats 1992)

The New Supernutrition  (Pocket Books 1991)

Selenium Update  (Keats 1987)

Fish Oils Update  (Keats 1987)

The Antioxidants  (Keats 1985)

Beta-Carotene  (Keats 1984)

Trace Elements, Hair Analysis and Nutrition  (co-authored with Dr. ElmerCranton ) (Keats 1983) was selected by Library Journal as one of the top five health books for 1983, and one of the top 100 science and technology books in a field of 40,000 books.

Vitamins  (Keats 1983)

Cancer Prevention and Nutritional Therapies  (Keats 1983) (18 printings)

The Slendernow Diet  (St. Martin's Press 1982) (2 printings)

GTF Chromium  (Keats 1982)

EPA- Marine Lipids  (Keats 1982)

Evening Primrose Oil  (Keats 1981)

Selenium As Food and Medicine  (Keats 1980)

The Easy No-Flab Diet  (Marek 1979) (3 printings)

Super Calorie, Carbohydrate Counter  (Dale 1978)

Cancer and Its Nutritional Therapies  (Keats 1978)

Supernutrition For Healthy Hearts  (Dial Press 1977)

Supernutrition: Megavitamin Revolution,  (Dial Press, 1975, Pocket Books 1976) which was based on his laboratory research, was a #4 national best seller, introducing more than 1,400,000 readers to better health through good diet and supplementation during its 18 printings.
Supernutrition: Megavitamin Revolution  was credited with legitimizing megavitamin therapy. Several of today's leading researchers credit this book with sparking their interest in this field.

Guide to Fluorescence Literature, Vol. III  (Plenum Press 1974)

Guide to Fluorescence Literature, Vol. II  (Plenum Press 1970)

Guide to Fluorescence Literature, Vol. I  (Plenum Press 1967).